The Language of Lust by Lawrence Lanoff Review

the language of lust

With The Language of Lust, you can develop an unforgettable sexual connection with women by combining sex psychology, neuroscience, Tantra, NLP, and hypnosis principles.

Using it, you will be able to realize your true sexual potential, understand what women truly want sexually, break down sexual barriers between you and women, and stand out from your peers. You will be able to connect with women on a deeply sexual level that few men can.

Lanoff, Lawrence – the creator

Lanoff brings a unique background and set of experiences to the table. The son of a new-age mother, he has studied Tantra since he was 12 years old, worked with Playboy as an artist, writer, and filmmaker for many years, and holds a PhD in cognitive studies. As a “streetwise sex life coach” he has actively worked to improve men and women’s sexual freedom and satisfaction for nearly a decade.

A collaboration between Lanoff and Michael Fiore was undertaken on The Language of Lust project, making his work more accessible to a wider audience (Michael Fiore has a large following of students and many popular programs).

The Language of Lust: How Does It Work?

In terms of how the course trains you, it has a few layers. As a result of the program, you will learn and work on several levels that are critical to improving yourself, attracting women, and developing your sexuality.

Rewiring Your Mind (to Connect with Your and Her Sexuality)

Your mind is the first layer. This includes both your conscious and subconscious beliefs about yourself, your sexuality, and the sexuality of women. With the help of neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis, and meditation, Lanoff helps you rewire your mindset and beliefs in order to achieve your objectives.

You need to do some exercises to change your mind, and it will not happen overnight. Over time, you will gradually change as you practice it. Watching the training for the first time will result in a few realizations, particularly for less sexually open and experienced individuals.

As a way to put this in perspective, I have been in sexual relationships with over 100 women, have had various very intense sexual relationships, and have been exploring my sexuality openly for many years. I will, however, benefit most from the exercises by practicing them over time. The realizations were not huge for me, but there was definitely a bump. With the information I’ve gained, I’ve changed my perspective on things, and that will impact my relationship with women in the future.

The goal is to free your mind of erroneous social programming and to reflect the truth about our sexuality and the sexuality of women. This is essential if you want to connect with women on a real sexual level, not just on the surface.

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How to Relate to Women (on a Deep Sexual Level)

Secondly, The Language of Lust will teach you how to relate to women (sexually). By doing so, you’ll be rewiring your mind on a more practical level.

In other words, it translates your new beliefs and mindsets into how they attract women and what they need from you sexually.

The course’s training emphasizes how to communicate so that a woman can reveal her true sexuality. We have a lot of bad social programming today that inhibits 95 percent of women from communicating their true needs and desires. Women will feel more comfortable expressing, acknowledging, and exploring these true needs and desires if you use the tools provided to you.

In addition, it gives you rules for talking to women so that they are comfortable expressing themselves. To become a guy women feel comfortable with sexually, and then reveal their deeper desires to you, you must accept and incorporate a number of important principles into your life.

Doing It: Tools & Techniques to Get You Talking and Using the System

The course focuses on fairly intimate or deep conversations and a lot of the content is about communication. There are some parts of this that are designed to help you understand women, and others that are designed to help you lead them.

” ‘Language of Lust’ is a very appropriate title for this course, since 70% of it is about communicating our sexuality and understanding our partner’s desires.

The language and examples have a lot of subtleties. This can pose awkward situations or even paint you as a bit creepy if not executed correctly when relating on a sexual level and bringing up these deeper topics.

In the beginning, this concerned me as I worked my way through the modules. Uncalibrated use of the material could lead to trouble for guys with less sexual experience (or social experience to be more precise).

Lanoff helps you calibrate while taking the course so that you are aware of potential issues that might lead to these unwanted outcomes. The more I progressed through the course, the less concerned I became. It is still important that guys have basic communication and attraction skills in order to avoid these situations ( read on for details).

Training and communication tools in this section are mainly neuroscience-based. In order to be effective, they rely on neuroscience principles. It also includes a good deal of Lanoff’s experience. He often tells you stories about what he has discovered about effective communication and what he has avoided.

Studying the entire course prior to using it will give men a thorough background, as well as enabling them to restudy it and make the most of it. This course contains a great deal of material, and as with most things, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding once you have actually applied it. Therefore, after practicing a particular area, it is beneficial to restudy it in order to observe new things you may not have noticed previously.

In the course, you will learn how to communicate with a woman early on, which will allow you to connect with her true sexual desires to attract her. Having this kind of attraction will separate you from men a lot more clearly, and is also a big part of keeping a relationship alive. It differs from conversational methods that create attraction, which are good for keeping the right energy over the short term, but not effective long-term.

It also discusses communication during sex on several levels, from verbal (like dirty talk during sex) to physical communication and mental connection. In this course, you’ll learn how to have sex, create intimacy, and make women sexually obsessed with you – for all the right reasons – because the sex is so damn good.

It’s full of examples, alternatives, templates, etc. One of the reasons this course got a good “Ease of Implementation” rating was because of this. You’ll get on the right track with the templates and Lanoff’s examples. After you’re comfortable, move away from his templates and experiment to find what works best for your sexual expression (and each woman’s sexuality). It’ll take some calibration.

the language of lust

Is the Course Legit? Is it Effective?

The first thing I’ll check when reviewing any course is whether there are one or more of these three proofs: A) Does it use any science? (B) Have I tried it and found it to work? C) Is it compatible with my experience and that of the others? (i.e. I have seen the same sort of work done before).

It is worth noting that this course utilizes quite a bit of science in order to accomplish its goals. Specifically, the study is focused on myelin and neurons, dopamine reward-motivation mechanisms, and mirror neurons.

Parts of this course have also worked for me in the past. I discovered a lot of techniques or ideas along the way, similar to Lawrence based on his study and exploration of some of his fields.

There are some aspects of this course that are also new to me, but I feel comfortable saying they will work. It fits with my understanding of women, men, and our sexuality. In case anything doesn’t work, I’ll update this review later.

Here’s the bottom line. The product is unique, a lot of innovation packed in, not just rehashing information.

Is this course similar to anything else you’ve seen?

Lawrence Lanoff has a lot of experience and studies behind him, which makes this a unique course. Lanoff has successfully combined neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis, and his background as a director and writer (storytelling, movies, and writing techniques) to come up with this innovative approach.

As Sex God Method, the best “Mental Game of Sex” course at the time, is no longer available, there’s a bit of a gap to fill. For guys that come to us wanting to develop and expand their sexuality, improve sex with women mentally, and leverage sex psychology, there isn’t a great option. As far as improving your sex life and sexual connection with women is concerned, this course ticks all the boxes.

There are some similar elements in some courses. There are a few ideas in David Tian’s The Desire System, Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction courses, and some of David Shade’s courses that you’ll have seen and may even recognize.

How Easy is it to Use The Language of Lust?

In terms of mindsets and behaviors, this course has quite a few goals. Rewiring your brain, changing how you interact with women, and putting all that into action and communication are some of them.

So, it was never going to be the easiest course to implement. In spite of this, Lanoff makes it incredibly easy.

Lanoff’s experience as a teacher and mentor is really evident in this course. This is always the most challenging part of creating these courses: making them practical and easy to apply.

To pass on information, stories and analogies are used extensively in the main training. Furthermore, there is a lot of emphasis on:

  1. Word-for-word examples of what to say and how to conduct conversations
  2. Each module ends with clear steps (1, 2, 3, 4…) so you can immediately start practicing.

A Quick Start training summarizes all the other trainings into action steps for those who don’t want to invest the hour into listening or watching each module.

This course is best studied by watching the Quick Start videos first, practicing it, and then studying it in more depth if you get stuck. Although I recommend everyone watch the entire course, I understand that some may not be able to.

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Who should this be for? Who shouldn’t buy it?

There is no doubt that this is the best “Mental Game of Sex” course to date. It’s great for men with limited sexual development, sexual confidence, or communication skills. It’s going to be helpful for people who feel inhibited, anxious, or unsatisfied with their sexual experiences.

If you are uncomfortable talking dirty with women, this absolutely blitzes this area. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Men in relationships and singles aren’t directly targeted by the course. Having said that, guys who have relationships or are at least seeing women on a regular basis (like friends with benefits), rather than one-night stands, will really benefit from this course. You can develop a unique sexual connection with a woman if you’re in an ongoing relationship.

If you want to be the most attractive version of yourself, and be satisfied with your relationships and sexual life – this is for you. I’m definitely taking a lot.

As with most courses, this one isn’t for everyone. There are two situations where I wouldn’t recommend buying this: if you can’t yet have a conversation with a woman, or if you can’t get her interested in you.

To make use of this course effectively, you’ll need some basic conversation and attraction skills (and maybe an image makeover).

If you’re not interested in developing your sexuality, this won’t work (at all). It won’t work if you don’t work through and eliminate your sexual inhibitions and anxiety, and explore and develop your sexuality. Plain and simple. In that case, it won’t work.

The Language of Lust: Does it Live Up to the Marketing?

There are some big promises in the video for The Language of Lust. If you didn’t watch it or need a recap, I’ve laid them out below, and then I give you the reality. Here’s how it really is.

The Big Promises

  • What kind of women does it work with? Any woman can get sexually obsessed with you.
  • How will your life change? Sleep with three women a week or more.
  • How easy is it to use? What’s the effort like? All you have to do is say a few words, and you get results.

The Reality

  • Which women does it work with? The Language of Lust doesn’t work for 100% of women – or for 100% of situations. If you put what you learn into practice, you’ll get women sexually obsessed with you. It works, and you’ll have a good chance of getting the result you want.
  • How will your life change? Having three new women sleep with you every week is possible. I’ve lived that lifestyle, and Lanoff has as well. It’s not guaranteed, and it depends on a lot of things. But the course will put you in the best position to do that. The biggest factor is how much time you have. Most people work / have careers and so on, so they won’t have time to do that.
  • How easy is it to use? What’s the effort like? This course works if you put the work in. To develop your sexuality, you have to do the exercises at home, and you have to practice how to communicate with women from the system and practice the practical examples.

Those big promises don’t quite match up with reality.

The good side is the course gets women sexually obsessed with you by A) getting you into the top 1% of sexual men (most guys will never get that far) and B) teaching you how to communicate sexually with women (both in and out of bed).

The course overpromises how many women it works with, how many women you’ll sleep with, and how much effort it takes to put the system into practice.

Language of Lust Review – The Bottom Line

For $47, this is a no brainer for all men except for those I identified as not being a good fit (lack of basic conversation or attraction skills, or not willing to develop your sexuality). There’s no better “Mental Game of Sex” than this (because 80% of what you do with women is mental).

You’ll gain greater attraction, sexuality, and satisfaction if you approach this course with the mindset of getting out of your comfort zone. That includes me too. With 15 years’ study and experience in this area of life, I’ve benefited a lot from this course myself. Lawrence Lanoff, great work. Introducing this will mark a new beginning for men’s sexuality and personal evolution.

the language of lust